Today I’m going to post a little different, I did something today yes I know I shouldn’t be spending much though I have a some money put away, for some reason I’ve missed having my old iPod around and I found one on eBay for 109 dollars that is mint condition with someone that has a 99.7 rating on his products, so I have the money to put back that money, but this morning I went ahead and bought a pair Beats Urbeats3 with the 3.5 headphone jack that were renewed along with two beat cases last time I had a pair of Urbeats they got broke

So you might ask why I bought a older product like a iPod when the iPhone does the same things, past few weeks I’ve barely have gotten on social media, I have a new YouTube page where things are more to the point channels I follow, that is educational or topic related, since then I’ve slept better since, the one thing I’ve decided to do is use my phone more as a phone than for social media or Music, I think my problem is that technology is moving in such fast pace that I want my old nostalgic technology back again to some degree.