Former Actor / Former Musician / Writer / Christian

    I’m a born again Christian, that is currently 43 years old. I was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma which lies in Southwestern Oklahoma, near the Wichita Mountains. I’m currently workingat Staples even though it not totally by choice but with the economy and the jobs in America coming to a decline it’s a challenge to make ends meet, though I make a career out of it, and to learn from all my past mistakes. In September of 2010, I had an adventure of a lifetime by branching out to Orlando Florida, and try to take on the world, though instead, it had taught me so much in terms of respect and what this great country is truly going through in life and a life journey that I will never soon forget it had finally shown me that life isn’t really as hard as I thought unless you make it hard on yourself I use to be in the performing arts Some of my Hobbies are Playing Chess, Hiking in the Wichita Mountains; it a beautiful place to explore, Writing, Reading Books, Watching Baseball and College Football, I love to cook my own meals, or go to church events if I can make it and just living life to the best of my ability.

    I think to some degree, I’ve always had some hopes and dreams that one day I could sit down and be able to write a book on the legacy of American history, from a fictional standpoint, Be able to go to Branson, Mo for a week during Christmas time to be able to see one of the World’s Top Holiday Destinations at Silver Dollar City, Be able to travel to Nashville, TN to see the Grand Ole Opry live just once at The Ryman Auditorium, or even be able to just once travel to Boston and Washington D.C. to be able to learn about the history of this great nation, I know I may never get to do all those things since in 2019 I was Diagnose with Dissociative Seizure it a case due to Stress and Anxiety. I usually try to stay local or go to OKC unless I’m with my parents since the only way I can afford my medication is to stay near family and co-workers, though don’t get me wrong I would adventure out if the right person came along in my life.

    For a long time, I use to look at life, as being hard and injustice where I thought things weren’t always fair if they didn’t go my way. Though I finally came to rely on that life isn’t always fair but it is about life lessons, that one comes to learn from past mistakes and try not to make that mistake again. That is the reason God made us all humans because there no one that is greater than God himself. What’s next in my life, god will only know that true answer, as days go by I know deep down I’m getting more mature and learning from my mistakes. It’s just taking time to repair them and maybe become someone once again that I myself can believe in.